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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Smells and Sounds of rural India.

I left my rural abode Friday, August 5th. I spent two days in Baroda with my grandparents, and now I’m in Ahmedabad visiting my uncle. I still wake up before my alarm in the morning, but only because of noise pollution--call of prayer blaring across the city at 5 am, people talking, rickshaws, cars, horns, and vegetable vendors screaming the names of the various vegetables they have brought. I haven’t had time to think about what I’ve left behind, but when I do I miss it terribly. I’ve been keeping a list of sounds and smells since I arrived. Notice it’s really short. The list of sounds and smells from the from the last two days is twice the length of the one from two months in Gadchiroli.

Smells and sounds of my 8 weeks in Gadchiroli:

-Smell of first rain
-Chirping of birds.
-The sound of the coyal (bird) on my evening walks.
-The pitter patter of rain on my window sill.
-The meow of the scary, sickly cat that lives in the mes, kitchen hall.
-Everyone singing together at evening prayer.
-Kana singing off key during prayer. He is a three-year-old who sings at top of his lungs. He loves prayer. So hard to keep from laughing, especially when he sits next to you.
-The ‘thali call’ signaling the beginning and end of morning community clean-up.
-The fan.
-Sandalwood incense when walking through any village market
-The generator turning on
-The mooing of cows
-The call of the roster
-Mildew smell in my room.
-The drone of the motorcycle
-The fierce wind storm that precedes heavy rain.
-The smell of chai. You can smell the sugar. In the villages, milk is a luxury, so you’re offered black chai with tons of sugar.
-The slurping of chai.
-Sound of people eating.
-My phone ringing
-Dial-up internet connecting.
-The horn.
-The chorus of animal sounds in villages before 9 am.
-The sound of the bullock cart.
-The bell around the cows ringing as they walk.


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