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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mission accomplished

Title of study: Food consumption habits of women in rural India: A community-based exploratory study in SEARCH intervention area, Gadchiroli, India.

Summary of my finding:

-Prevalence of eating down is 4.5% in the Intervention villages.
-Prevalence of eating down is 8.7% in the control area.
-21.6% agreed taking tablets will lead to difficult delivery in the intervention area. 40% agreed taking tablets will lead to difficult delivery in the control area.
-Women receive contradicting advice regarding tablets. To appease both the doctor/nurse/health educator and community members they find a middle ground. Many take half the dose of tablets. Some will take pills every other month or every other day. Others stop taking pills the last few months of pregnancy.
-The most common cold foods avoided were potato, yogurt, gavar ke sing and milk. The most common cold foods avoided were eggs, and meat products.
-Overall quantity of food consumed is more in intervention area compared to control area.
Women know they should eat more in both control and intervention areas, but the majority don’t actually eat more.
-Women get hungry between meals, but do not eat.
-Too much work and no time.
-Extended family.
-Not enough food.
-No work, no hunger. Housework is not seen as “work”.
-Women ate a lot more when encouraged. The belief system of family members impacts a woman’s decisions, particularly the husband’s beliefs.


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