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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Study Part III: Be careful what you wish for.

This past Tuesday we had our 76th interview, the last one in the intervention villages. If we were sticking to the plan B it would mean we were totally done with the one-on-one interviews, and all the data (two more focus groups to do) would be collected by the end of the week. We are now on plan C, which has ANOTHER added component thanks to my big mouth.

Last Saturday, after morning community service, Dr. Bang stopped me for an update. When he asked me how things were going, I told him field work was going extremely well, right on schedule. “I’m waiting for some disruption like a heavy down pour for five days”, I joked. I went on to give him a brief summary of the findings based on which he “suggested” we modify the study to include the control area and terminate the intervention area study early as we have a large enough sample size. He thought it would be interesting to compare the intervention area findings with the control area. Indeed, this would be very interesting, but traveling to the control villages in a nightmare. Average travel time to a control area village is 90 minutes in one direction. And that would be on a motorcycle. Traveling the countryside of India on a motorcycle daily has been awesome, despite the bad hair days that result, but three hours is bit much. The last time we went out to the control area we got caught in a terrible down pour that felt more like hail. It left us drenched, and unable to see straight for days.

The number of interview we have to conduct is much smaller, 25-30, but their hard agriculture season has started, so tracking down women is going to be even harder. We could be done by the end of next week if things go according to plan.

We started data collection from the control area this week and the days have been super long. I’m just grateful I have good company.

There is now also a part IV also now..:), but I'll update you on that another day. I need to just stop talking to Dr. Reddy and Dr. Bang.


At 11:16 PM, Blogger aruna kanani said...

hey gargi whats up? friend---------
i like to read your journal.
i saw the pic. of villages . its realy great experience u r getting.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Shailee said...

Gargs, 3 whole hours on a motor cycle...jjez, I think I did that once when I was 8. Anyways, you're a real trooper. I would totally vote for you on survivor.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Pinki Shah said...

G- As I read your entries, all I can do is smile! I am living vicariously through you. Your adventures, descriptions, people you encounter--all make me want to be there with you. I am so excited for you! This is such an awesome experience. Keep the stories coming. Can't wait to you see in August! ps. I like this "feminist Bang" woman. Can't wait to hear stories about her.

lots of love dude!


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