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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It is 3:02 am on June 8th, 2005. I just finished packing in true Gargi style . In 12 short hours my Korean Air 747 will be on it's way to Soeul. Yeeks! Considering, I've had three extra weeks at home (due to change in events), I should be better prepared, right? All the extra time, however, has left me in vacation mode and much more apphrensive about this trip. To ease my nerves, I took comfort in the words of a wise friend (thank you Pinki for your fun India stories) one of my favorite books--Dr. Suess book, OH, The Place You'll Go! It calmed my nerves and it reminded me why I'm addicted to this trips that force to leave behind all that is familiar. It is only when I leave my comfort zone, that I come back with unbelievable new expriences and much more comfortable in my own skin. Although, I am still breaking a sweat at the thought of the next few weeks, I'm excited for the unknown that lies ahead.

I hope you walk with me as I discover Marathi, rediscover my Hindi, live the simple life, suffer in the heat, and learn about the challenges of rural health...and much more I'm sure.

As Dr. Suess would say...

I'm off to Great Places!
Today is the day!
My airplane is waiting.
So...I'm on my way!


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